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May 2023 - Vol. 1, Issue 1

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Jill recently sat with Shawn Berstein from The Write Stuff Agency to talk about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur and an exciting new project she's working on!

If I wanted a seat at the table, then I needed to build my own

Jill Button was born to be a problem solver.

Despite a lengthy career in procurement and supply chain, Jill knew that she wasn’t solving the tough problems that she wanted to solve. She had been in successful roles with some of Canada’s largest companies and was working on climbing that traditional corporate ladder with the goal of heading a major procurement department.

Yet burn out made her recognize that she had been climbing the wrong ladder all along. She saw that the traditional version of ‘success’ in these roles was not how she defined success, and she was not using her talents to help those who needed her knowledge and skills the most.

“I got tired of smacking my head on the glass ceiling again and again,” she laments. “I realized that if I wanted a seat at the table, then I needed to build my own.”

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4 Trends All Small Business Owners Should Be Aware Of In 2023

Curated for you: Sharon Miller, Contributor

Now is an important time for business owners to reflect and set a course for the year ahead, but it's easier than ever to get bogged down worrying about the challenges facing the economy.

I would encourage all small business owners to tackle 2023 with a splash of empathy and realism. Don't bury your head in the sand — be mindful of the economic headwinds we're facing, but don't let them monopolize your attention. Instead, devote your time and energy to the challenges and operations that do fall within your control.

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BookTrib Review -  How NOT To Get Screwed By Your Suppliers And SAVE Millions! 

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